Which Type of Contract Is Not Assignable Quizlet

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When it comes to business contracts, it`s important to understand which ones are assignable. Assignability refers to the ability to transfer rights or obligations under a contract to a third party. While many contracts are assignable, there are some that are not.

One popular online study resource, Quizlet, offers a practice quiz on the topic of contract assignability. One question in particular asks, “Which type of contract is not assignable?” Let`s examine the answer and the reasoning behind it.

The correct answer to this quiz question is “Personal service contracts.” Personal service contracts are agreements between two parties in which one party provides a service to the other. These types of contracts are typically used in fields such as entertainment, sports, and consulting.

The reason personal service contracts are not assignable is because they involve a specific individual`s skills, knowledge, or talent. For example, a recording artist may sign a personal services contract with a record label to produce and release albums. The contract would be null and void if the label attempted to assign the artist`s services to another musician.

In contrast, many other types of contracts are assignable. For example, a real estate purchase agreement can be assigned to another buyer if the original purchaser is unable or unwilling to fulfill the terms of the contract. Similarly, a contract to purchase goods can be assigned to another party if the original buyer is no longer interested in buying the goods.

It`s important to note that the ability to assign a contract must be explicitly stated in the agreement. If a contract does not address assignability, it is assumed to be non-assignable by default.

In conclusion, understanding which types of contracts are assignable is an important aspect of business negotiations and transactions. While personal service contracts are not assignable, many other agreements can be transferred to third parties with the proper language and agreement from all parties involved. As always, it`s recommended to consult with a legal professional to ensure that contracts are properly structured and assignable where appropriate.